Sunday, July 16, 2006

Summer sunday

My USB cable has snapped one of the metal pins that goes into the connector, that fits to the computer.Which means i have 33 pics on my phone that are stuck there.I either need a new usb cable or a new camera with new cable.
Its HOT outside today, stifling hot air that burns you quietly, with the wind blowing a cool breeze.I have seen bee's in the dozens, flys, spiders, hovering wasps or hornets, and three butterflies.Some plain white ones, and a red one.
The green grass is looking dry in places, and is not growing that fast in the heat.My dandelion patch dances in the wind, as do all the border plants.
Blue lavender flowers. The snapdragons look great in their hues of white, pink, and red on three sides of the long/kitchen border.
I cut down the foxglove alba last night as it had finished flowering.The foxglove merantensis has a few stray flowers, but i have cut off most of the seedheads.I am collecting some seeds for next years plants.
Guess what?My grown from seed foxglove that was beneath the other two foxgloves has grown a central flower bud.My homegrown one will flower after a year and a half.I hope to have a usb cable for that picture!!
I repotted my tomato plants (grown from supermarket tomatoes scooped out seeds) and gave them plant food.
The sunflowers have three or four sunflower heads on each plant.The little leo's i mean.The roses sunshine have finished their display, now its over to frosty morning with delicate white petals edged with red.They smell really fragrant and sweet.
I have two weeks off so expect lots of garden posts, and pics if i can get another usb cable.I am hiding from the heat for a while as i got too hot earlier weeding and looking at whats growing.
Butterflies, birds, and bee's....its been gorgeous to be outside today in my garden.Life is better with small pleasures that add up to contentment.
More post later, just going to lie down after my dinner..zzzzz


Karen said...

I know what you mean with the heat. It can make you really sleepy after being out in the garden. In your case, though, I imagine it's because you work hard all week. Get some well-deserved rest!

James said...

Hi Snappy,

You certainly have been busy out there. You must have shown us your whole garden in that last set of photos. Do you have any Geraniums? They are my favourite flowers because of their smell. It is a gorgeous earthy scent. I might follow your example and plant some in my garden. But are they ant proof?

You are right about hamsters and their wheels. They are energetic little fellows and love their exercise. I have known a couple in the last few years. My eldest daughter has a kind of rapport with them.

snappy said...

Thanks Karen i have two weeks off away from work to recharge my batterys.I need it too as i have worked for months since last holiday..
James the winter killed off my geraniums i am dying to buy some plants though.I love the earthy smell released from the leafs and the flowers are always like rising spheres above the patterned leafs.