Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hydrangea update

I took my wilted root powdered hydrangea cuttings and put them back in a bottle of water, lo and behold one cuttings leafs have got their stiffness back.I trimmed the big leafs to half the size to try and limit transpiration.Fingers crossed now.
I just read the flower colour is controlled by the Ph of the soil, pink in alkaline, blue in acidic.Gardeners can add aluminium to the soil to make it Acidic, and the plants take up the aluminum to make the blue compound in the flowers.
How did i miss these plants for all these years?Do they take appreciation of age to realise the flower bracts are beautiful.On the MAU there is a large selection of Hydrangeas growing by the firedoor.When the door is open people stand outside face to face with the eight foot hydrangea bush.The flowers change colour from blue near the door, to lilac, to pink further away.A little hydrangea borders it with white flowers.The middle bush has pink flowers.
The bracts are like small footballs with the flowers forming a patchwork effect.They did not smell i think.
I hope my cuttings take root now...


OldRoses said...

One of the first things I did when I moved into my present house was to rip out all of the ugly, mismatched shrubbery along the front and replace it with Nikko Blue hydrangeas. I chose hydrangeas because of their flowers. Even when they are finished blooming, their flowers look great drying on the bush.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

YAY! Glad to hear that one is bouncing back, David. :) I actually like the hydrangea leaves and the plant habit as well. The leaves are usually a nice "wide leaf" to mix into borders, and the plants don't get too unwiedly like, say, a bridalwreath spirea.

The dark picture of the sun is spooooooky, btw. Looks like a cool charcoal drawing instead of a photo!

snappy said...

Old Roses show me a picture of your hydrangeas.I am a convert now albeit one with a small clipping.
Blackswamp girl they are quite good at being trimmed.I have seen a variety of sizes from about two foot to the monster ten foot one outside my wards firedoor.I love the comment about a charcoal drawing.Maybe you can do one and send me it to frame for my wall.