Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Stillness of the Night

Another sweltering day, which broke July Records for maximum temperature (36.2 degrees C) and baked most of the UK. I spent most of the day in the garden, sat with Sallyanne, moving plants i want to propogate. Some burgundy violas, the johnny jump up, and my solitary french marigold (which i have seeds for from a dead flower).
Sallyanne sat in a paddling pool with Chelsea and Jess. I had to use the water to water the garden to stop the kids falling in it.
I took a few photo's. Then blogger swallowed my post, so this is mark two.
A sad day for two reasons too.One is natural progression, Mat has moved out with his girlfriend to Burnley. With his brother for a fresh start, and job on offer. I told Ant to buy me a busy lizzie with his first wages.
The other sadness is that It has been two years since my Nanna died in York hospital. Heather Hamilton.
Just after me and Sallyanne got married.
Nan loved the simple things in life, and i am trying to keep her spirit going. With her cross on my neck (not been off since 2004), and keepsakes from her house. The love of family and togetherness, through the ups and downs of life.
The container garden is a living memorial but flowering beautifully.The gnomes are keeping an eye of my garden and me.
I will go outside soon and take in the cooler night air, and listen to the stillness of the night.The white birch tree and borders rustling.Meditation time before bedtime..


Karen said...

It is very touching that part of your garden is a living memorial to your grandmother. I am sorry for your loss, but you are keeping her memory alive for yourself through your container garden and wearing the cross.

snappy said...

Yes thanks.Small things can make big differences to us remembering things.It was a sad day for me, but i also remember all the good memories and dreams.They keep me going through lifes up and downs.
The garden is perfect for quiet meditation. Thinking in a quiet natural environment, is good for the soul.Thats what my ideal garden will do.Inspire, heal, and rest...