Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Finding Mr Flowerdew..

I read a cool blog today about the mysterious mr Flowerdew http://thegoldengecko.blogspot.com/2006/07/finding-mr-flowerdew.html
The article that made Trey write was Alameda Claires, about looking for a TV personality to galvanise gardeners in the USA like Bob Flowerdew, on BBC gardeners question time
To be fair i have not heard of the great man, but Claire found her article in the Washington post. This article mentioned other outstanding British gardeners such as Alan Titchmarsh, Monty Don, Rachel De Thame, Pippa Greenwood, etc.
I have heard of them , and they are briliant gardeners who have done a lot to get people interested, and in the garden with the stuff of growing flowers and veggies.
Trey thinks the Americans next Flowerdew will be a blogger. I read about fifty gardening blogs daily. Seeing what grows and the photo's.
They are a source of wisdom, joy, and beauty. There are big personalities within the blogging community. They have a niche audience, gardeners who have an online presence.
Look at the location of gardeners? From Alameda, to Pensylvania, to Britain, to Germany, to Australia. The readers of Blogs have a global audience.
My point is that we all need Bob Flowerdews, people to inspire us with their love of gardens and gardening. They dont have to have some TV show, or radio slot. They could be blogging now.
I love Old roses, Sigrun, Carol from Germany, Maria from Finland, Steven "florida weave" from Pennsylvania, Claire from Alameda, and so on....
They are my Bob Flowerdews in the blogosphere. They write beautifully, take photo's, and further the community that is steadily growing.
If people can see your passion they may take it and run with it. All the older gardeners now started young once. The flames pass between generations.
Keep on blogging and may you inspire a whole new army of gardeners inspired by your daily writing and pictures.


Claire Splan said...


Thanks for the link. I am inspired by other bloggers too and I think you may be right about the role that blogs are playing now, but I also hope that some gardening publications and TV or radio shows pay attention and try to incorporate some of what the blogs are doing. It would be great to think that all of us bloggers are blazing some sort of trail.

If you ever do hear Bob Flowerdew's show I hope you'll give us a report!


snappy said...

I will try Claire and report on my blog.you are a good writer and i respond to your posts and pics.keep on trail blazing..