Thursday, July 20, 2006

Seed collecting

My aim now is to try and collect seeds from the nice flowering plants, and store them in my red envelopes.Ready for next year.I will grow loads from seeds, as i have only grown my morning glories, sunflowers, and evening primroses.I guess i need a grow house even though the last one broke and blew down the garden into a broken heap.
Today i collected Nasturtium seeds like big green balloons which break into three or four smaller seeds.These need drying.
I'm getting a supply of seeds from my solitary french marigold so next year expect masses of french marigolds in the square border.
The sunflower little leo have given up about fifty seeds.The birds can eat the rest.I already collected foxglove seeds (even though both my plants are perrennials??thought they were biannual plants.Crazy...
The weather was hot, but no as baking as last few days.It even rained a bit.I do need rain though to green up my grass which is dry and browning...
The viola cornuta have already given me seeds so they can run to seed in the square border.I might buy some more bedding plants next week as they have been decimated by the heat.
I watered the pots.My dahlia has three flower buds on the main stem, and some buds on side stems.I cant wait to see what colour the flower will be.It has grown beautifully from the bulb.
My Liatris are looking gorgeous with red flower buds up and down the stem.I have walked past one thats flowering.Why do other peoples gardens get flowers before yours?A few hundred yards apart??
The patience is a virtue im working on.I love the rhythm of the seasons, the variable weather conditions, the daily battle with pests, and the colours and shape of all that flowers.
I watched the gardeners world team reporting from Tatton Park garden in Cheshire.That will be my next post after this....


crazygramma said...

When it comes to Marigold seed collecting I break them up into a bowl and set them on a table so that I can have the scent while they dry, also they are so easy to plant again in the spring and grow back with flourish.

snappy said...

thats what im hoping for next year.I missed them this year and ran out of money before buying them.These seeds will be next years stock.I love the smell of them.I will try the pot pourri trick soon.