Thursday, July 20, 2006

RHS Flower show at Tatton Park

This is the north of Englands equivelant of Chelsea flower show.Did not see any gnomes (I know they are banned, so that is tongue in cheek.) But the most beautiful, colourfull imaginative displays both in show gardens and plant exhibitor stands.I watched a BBC programme about their highlights.Collections of Hosta's, Orchids, Dahlia's etc.
I have flicked through the site, you can again see 360degrees pics of the main show gardens.
I watched the exhibitors getting nervous, rearranged plants, and watered them in the blazing heat.They were as anxious as long tail cats next to rocking chairs!
How do you get to exhibit at these shows?Some of them wanted the coveted medals for best display, and best at show.I guess my garden is displayed for people to look at, like a show garden.Watch this space, maybe one day Snappy will be at Tatton Park, or Chelsea....
The link is :
The photo is Lucy Hunters show garden out of Africa, inspired by the 1930's colonial story of Karen Blixen.mmm coffee plantations...


Myrtle Luma said...

Gnomes are banned from RHS Flower Shows.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Snappy, thanks so much for the link! I loved the paths intersecting in the "Anthony Nolan Trust" garden--although you have to look at the sketch to appreciate it, because the picture doesn't show the paths, just the patio they intersect to form.

The Landcraft(Matthew Unwin) garden was my other favorite. Those arcs of wood chunks converging on the center are very cool. VERY cool. :)

snappy said...

You are welcome blackswamp girl.I think the variety and creativity is astounding.Every show garden is unique.I think you can sometimes buy the plants when the show is over if you discuss it prior to the end.
Myrtle i know that gnomes are banned.Its an ironic statement from me to the RHS.For all their good work they seem a little stuffy at times.I have seen so much creative expression at the Chelsea flower show, and at Tatton park.Do the RHS really have to nanny garden designers?By saying you cant display where do i get a plastic flamingo??