Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thursday night owl post

Its 2am so quite a late post.After I finished work I came back to find my hedge had been trimmed by a family friend. Eeek even my wild long grass had been strimmed.It looks really good and i never mentioned I had left it long for encouraging wildlife. Random acts of kindness always touch me. I am very protective of the garden, from hours of working on it/in it. Its an extention of me.
I had stress at work, stress from the bank, and after a few hours tidying up hedge clippings and raking dead grass I felt at ease. My soul was rested and the stress had gone away.
I have posted twenty pictures as it was a glorious day and i wanted to observe all the growth, and the ragged edges...
My morning glory up the trellis has been either cooked by the sun or wind as the leaves are brown ripped and not looking healthy. The soil was wet so i assume its either the elements or insect damage.
The grass by the white birch has died in a strange round circle. It was thin before but not bald! I dont even have money to buy grass seed so it will stay like that.
The Aubretia seems to be dying from the roots up (see pic), the under stems are strawlike. I dont know if thats normal. There is green leafs and flowers above it though.
the arched border is becoming my fav view (ha ha expect lots of pics) with the mixture of colours. Since i have no money what is growing is what will be photographed. There are lots of flowers luckily though.
I need to be self sufficient and learn how to take cuttings from fuschia, dusty miller, the hebe, rosemary, lavender etc to try and bulk out the borders. I said i would try for my hedge cutter to grow shrubs for his garden.
I will try to collect seeds this year and save them for winter growing etc. Like the original cottage garden where the gardener propogated new plants for themselves and for family and friends.
I love the way the garden looks. It is beautifully planted, so i have stuff to look at through the summer. I will take donations of seeds though! Angela at work will give me a rhubarb plant and some stawberries which im looking forward to.
Dreaming about aqualegia's and honeysuckle.I will buy them sometime...

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