Sunday, June 11, 2006

still of the night

its late and i thought i'd write a post.I watered the long border, and chaenomeles before coming upstairs.Everything looked green and lush, most of the plants had revivied after some water.In hot summers its the life blood of most of my plants.Even my rosemary is looking a bit dodgy after cutting it in four!!
I will learn by my mistakes and adjust my garden accordingly.I have had some very helpful comments in relation to redoing Tasha's front garden.Someone suggested lasagna gardening which is an organic method with no digging involved making raised beds of alternate composting layers, newspaper, cardboard,straw, tree clippings etc.
But its a bit too much work for Tasha and Salal.I need to go back to explain how they can keep the garden neat.I maybe talked too much for him to understand!
I am going with the newspaper layers on top to block out the light, then some bark chippings.I still need to buy the bark chippings and a willow tree as a gift.A memorial tree for Tasha's memory.
In my own garden there is so much growing, new buds on the Anemones both red (Hollandia) and blue (Mr Fokker), new buds on the rosebushes, three wise men!
The nasturtiums in the long border look like big green radars.They are outsizing the pot grown seeds.
I counted twenty pots and containers around the backdoor.Im having problems now displaying them, especially the trailing ones.They need height to hang down.
The lavender has flower spikes, the cottage pinks fat buds with odd pink bits visible, the carnations fat buds too.The summer bulbs are still developing.My ersatz cage of sticks and string is containing the gladiolus.
I planted some Dahlia's in pots, and Abysinnian gladiolus in the long border.The snapdragons have opened a few flowers.All white so far.
I planted some tomato seeds from one of our shop bought tomatoes, cut it in half, and took about twenty seeds.I dried them, soaked them and planted them.To my suprise four seeds have germinated in the windowsill.
Mum did that before and grew one large beautiful tomato plant which beared fruit!I will take pics when its a bit bigger.
Today was magic even with plant casualties from the 29C temperature.The birds singing, the insects buzzing.The masses of buds developing on many flowers.
The bright colours of reds, yellows, pinks, whites, blues, and shaking of the birch tree in the wind.Who doesnt love hot june days?

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