Saturday, June 17, 2006

A gardeners day in the sun

Thats what i did today. After nine days away at w
ork I had my homecoming, sort of!! Like being on the road for ages then coming home.It was sunny in between clouds...
I cut the grass, trimmed the edges, reordered the border lay outs, more below about that.I tidied the corner behind the coalshed. Watered the new borders, and the long border.Cut the dusty millers back to half the size, and moved their edges away from other plants.So each one can shine in its own right without being overshadowed.
I took lots of photo's.In the summer so much is growing so excuse all the photo's!!
I am cooking Sallyanne tea now.Chicken and Asparagus pie, potatoes, and carrots with gravy.

The new Borders (i thought its like substitutes in a football match, bringing some off, introducing others)

Square Border: I dug up the hosta's to try and move a plant away from that one side.I got four off shoots, two went into ground on opposite sides, and two went into a large pot for my sister.The Erysimums from the arched border were transplanted in the centre of the square between the two hostas and orange rose bushes.I tried mulching with cut grass as the soil was dry to a depth of five inches!!Like sahara desert.I hope the mulch keeps the ground moist and that my plants prosper like the long border.

Arched Border: I moved two Erysimum away from here to the square border.They were growing close to the roses.I want some free space around them so that i can see their splendour!! The pansys were moved from the left side to the middle and right.I planted my sunflower plants on either side with stick support.I tied string to the arch for support for the morning glories.They are looking healthy and just waiting for the ascent to the arch roof!!

Front window Border: The summer pansys were brought off after two collapsed and died in the heat.The rmaining three were put into a red pot and moved to the backdoor.I brought in six potted evening primrose plants whos roots were gorgeously filling the pots.I also removed a spindly Aubretia that had died from the roots up.The evening primrose now sit in the alpine garden and border it on the left.

Long Border: The only thing i did was trim the dusty millers.The giant grey fern leafed monsters dwarfed everything.They are about half the size.They are in proportion now.I will post some overall garden pics.

I cleaned the rain gutter so the white stones are visible around the back garden grass.Weeded it, swept, then dust panned the dusty soil.Its very english building a garden around solid structures such as fences, brickwork, and of course my raingutter.
The borders are filling out with colour, and different leaf shapes and colours.June is magic for explosions of colours and scents.The bee's were buzzing, a few birds were singing.The borders rhythmically rocked to the wind.
I hope you get the sense of the garden by the photos.Using Hello the posted pics display along the bottom line.It was a kaledeiscope of colour i thought.....


Claire Splan said...

Sounds like a full day of work, but things look good. Are cottage pinks another name for carnations? We use to grow those in our backyard when I was a kid--I love their scent. It's very warm here today so I'm staying inside to do housework--while I watch some episodes of "Ground Force" on DVD.

snappy said...

I looked that up, it said on google that Carnations, Pinks, and Sweet williams are all relations from the Dianthus family.I thought that when i looked.They look similar except my border carnations have small buds, whereas the pinks have large buds and the flowers smell slighly.The carnations have not flowered yet for the experiment!