Sunday, May 14, 2006


is what im watching on TV as I posted the photos i took today.I feel obliged to blog as often as possible when im off from work to show whats growing.Today was doubly bad in that it rained and rained and the grass is soaked.I got a shock as well trying to get money out from the bank.No more plants for a while.But at least i can have the satisfaction of looking at our garden bloom through the summer to autumn.I just need to cut the grass and keep the weeds down where they detract from my plants.
I put the kitchen morning glory outside to grow up the trellis by the back door.They looked sad growing indoors so now they have some more to climb up.Only five foot high.The arch ones should scale seven feet.
Everything looks fresh with a wet sheen of freshly fallen rain.Colours are brighter, the contrast between leaves more defined.Gardens exist in all weathers and we must take each day as it comes,Come rain or shine. Sleet or snow. Wind or still. Hot or cold.
I was reading my book about old 18th century gardens.The debate between gentleman about nature and should gardens be more formalised or wild natural look.
I guess my own garden is typical english with defined boundaries with hedging, fencing, or adjoining buildings.Three areas of wild hillside grass mowed short though.It will never be a lawn due to the bumps, slopes, and perennial weeds.I have cut borders along side the grass as there were none at all.My flower selection has been mostly traditional english plants which i know will do well in a thick clay cloggy soil, stoney in places.
The kids in Knottingley should see my garden as a statement of being a gardener, not Robs.He came today and said how nice it was looking.
Another day, another blog post.Im up to 4000 pageloads at an average of about sixty a day.Thanks for reading.Leave comments so i know where you are all from!!

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