Sunday, May 14, 2006

blogger gremlins

Lilac tree cute little leaf buds..
the bird feeder that gets used regularly probably as it is in the air and cat proof.I need to find a second place for my other feeder which does not get used as much.When do they feed?I only have seen one bird feeding on it yet it gets eaten!!
theatre of dreams (Not quite Old Trafford but i used that analogy earlier in the blog posts)
the Dandelion seedhead, a work of art and genetic marvel (look how much it spreads in our gardens and wasteland in the UK.)Looking back at childhood I remember blowing these for clock time.
The hanging basket filling out
Forget me nots and lavender along the side fence of the long border
Back fence long border, the camelias, Senecio, and euphorbia are the main structures of this long section.Need the bedding plants to fill up the gaps between the structures.The joys of waiting for things to grow..
The kitchen window border filling out with greens, gold, and red.See the grass growing still with the wet weather.Everything looks lush i think.

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