Monday, May 15, 2006

Rain effected day

My last da y off and it continues to rain, with no end in sight.The weather page forecasts more rain untill thursday.I am dying for a dry day so the grass can be cut, and plants put into the ground.The morning glories by the backdoor seem to be chilling besides the trellis.It is hung up on a metal hook that protudes from the red bricks.
The others in the disintegrating catbox still wait to be planted.The sunflowers are toughening up slowly but not showing signs of growth.They will suprise me by doubling in size when im not looking.
I want to transplant my evening primroses and mysterious mon lam from the little seed tray.I will identify them soon as the true leaaves are growing now.
I want to start a wish list of plants (even truer now we are broke) that i will buy seeds.I will link them on side.Maybe somebody could send seeds to me.I read about a seed bank, a community based idea where people exchange seeds to further their stock with just postage cost.That appeals to me now.
Keep on gardening whatever the weather.My two solar lights arrived today.I thought they were stopped by the bank but they have been sent.Hurray, just need to photograph them for posterity.

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