Sunday, May 14, 2006

pics pics

I love the front window border.Here is a side view with all the greens and reds.It seems to have come together but i dont know why.I put the plants in a seemingly nice order with two maples, snapdragons to the right with a geranium and a heather.On the left is summer pansys in red with Oxalis, and summer bulbs growing along front section.Three quarters is fronted by log roll, with concrete at either side.I will try to photograph whole border from front sat on the grass (neighbours think im mad lying at strange angles to get good pictures).
first geranium flower buds; a gift from a hospital worker to me.i have never seen it flower.expect lots of photos when it does.
Alpine plant flower bud
Natural variation in flower colours from orange to red to dark crimson to near black/red
The Oxalis nestled between snapdragons and alpine plant
Hostas, wall flower, and violas open the square border symphony (waiting for the orange tea roses to appear near the finale)
Light blue, yellow, crimson red, and shades of green.The theatre stage by the coal shed.
The morning glories waiting for a break in the rain to be planted up the arch.

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