Friday, July 05, 2013

Seductive Streptocarpus

 The Streptocarpus I bought at the flower show loved my time away. They have all doubled in size, and were flowering on the kitchen windowsill when I came back from New Zealand.I love the pink petals and deep purple veins of this Streptocarpus Tina.
 Sterptocarpus Seren is much more muted colours,  with hints of purple and a yellow centre.
 Texas Hot Chili is very appropriate for me as I love hot spicy food. This Sterptocarpus has a deep crimson red flower with yellow throat inside.
 The Streptocarpus Chloe does not look like its picture. The card shows the deep red throat below salmon pink petals.I do not know if they mislabelled it, or the photo was taking in poor light.It is a very small delicate flower compared to the others.
The last Streptocarpus photographed is Katie, my Mums name.The dark purple flowers are hard to photograph. The pattern freaks out the camera!
  I love these delicate little plants with their jewel like flowers. I did  not expect them to have flowered and grown as well. The only Streptocarpus not photographed yet is Nerys, and the Harlequin Blue which is nearly done flowering.
 I love having colourful flowers to look at as I make a cup of coffee, or when I'm washing up. They cheer me up.

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