Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Selection

   This Daisy type flower was in flower in one of the Rose pots. I think they originally started in the wild flower area but have been spread across the garden by the wind.
 This Dianthus just sings in the planter next to the compost bin. When I left this was just a few stems. It has exploded into magenta glory.
 All the Hostas have unfurled their leaves like green sails, and are now hoisting up their flower spikes. I think they add a little interest to the garden. Big tubular white flowers.
 The Astrantia's have suddenly come into bloom. When I left these were just a few leaves growing from the ground. They are hovering above the pond looking gorgeous. This is the Astrantia Ruby.
  The last bloom of the Flag Iris. I love these iconic anglo saxon plants. I might try to split the plant into two. One for the pond, and one for the wild flower garden.It has just seed pods growing now. Im pleased it kept one last yellow Iris flower for me to see.
 This Nemesia Vanilla Scent smells divine. Today the sunshine made the scent fill the garden, and just caught it on the breeze.
 Pink and White flowers with yellow centre. These arrived as small plug plants and have been grown on. I need to plant the Night Phlox that are sat in the greenhouse. They will scent the garden in the evening and night time.
 My Petunia Blackberry Sour are now blooming. I love the dark purple nearly black Petunias, against the Lime Green Petunias. I have three baskets planted with these combination.
 Petunia Presto White, and Presto Blue fill two baskets. They compliment each other nicely.
  The Sambuca Niger is flowering now with its champagne bubble frothy pink flowers. This poor Sambuca is swamped by the Dicentra. It probably needs moving to where it can be seen with its dark foliage.
  A highlight of my return is seeing the Peony Sarah Bernhardt flowering. It has taken it three years but the bloom is spectacular. 26 layers of satin soft petals surrounding golden yellow stamen. It smells too, like a medicine smell? I cannot think what it smells like.
The last flower is a lemon yellow and white Aquilegia. I love these flowers with their long nectar filled spurs.These should hopefully self seed, and produce more varieties of plants.
 Being away for a month means I missed the build up of all these flowers. I returned to the wow factor moment, but loved them all.

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