Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday shopping and dinner

I finally went bulb shopping. Light bulbs for our house, and spring bulbs for me. Its been a grey, windy, rainy kind of day.
I went to B&Q today, about five months since my April visit. Oh my gosh, its like a sweet shop for plant lovers. Everywhere you turn there are gorgeous plants. House plants and cactus, multi colored heathers, chrysanthenums, Heucheras (gottta go back to buy these!!!!), winter primula's, Pyracanthus, late flowering roses, bare root roses like my sunshine and frosty morning, Dusty millers...Thats the ones i can remember...
I searched for some spring bulbs, and searched, and searched. Finally i found some bulbs. Daffodils and Narcissus, large crocus, Aliums, and some Hyacinth's which are scented.
I bought Sallyanne a small house rose plant, with peach/orange flowers. Alas they are not scented but it looks divine!

Pictured is Sallyanne's rose. I have over two hundred bulbs to plant. Eeek, they were supposed to be easy gardening.Once they are planted they are i guess.Then i will have something to look forward to, and bloggers can expect flowering pics earlier than this year.As i said before i normally miss the bulb boat and remember about November..


lisa said...

Seems a shame to have a rose without scent, but it sure looks lovely!

snappy said...

Lisa,it looks heavenly but no scent.I guess you cant have it all in the rose world.