Sunday, October 01, 2006

Pyracantha, GQT, and Apple Strudel

I made Sallyanne traditional scottish short bread, and today I made an apple strudel. Home made filo pastry. It has just come out of the oven and smells divine. It just needs to cool down slightly, and be dusted with icing sugar.
It rained loads today. Everything is looking lush and green. When I went out shopping I noticed loads of Pyracantha, or firethorn. (lifted pic left!)
Last night I actually listened to an episode of Gardeners question time. It even had the famous Bob Flowerdew. His voice does not match his photo at all!!
One of the questions was about Pyracantha. I googled the plant names as they mentioned them.
Its been running for fifty years, but the podcast was the first time i listened to it. Sallyanne has real player which my now defunct laptop did not have...
Whenever you find a name of a plant you suddenly see it everywhere! I also saw a smokebush with the wispy flowers outside a fastfood place when i was shopping. ,I checked mine but alas no flowers!
Tomorrow will be a good gardening day.If its dry I will trim the grass.If its wet I will do the other chores.Moving plants from the front window border to the back.That needs digging and compost added to it.That is next years veggie patch!
I have two hundred spring bulbs to plant. The daffodils are enormous, the others were small. The only spring bulbs i want to shop for tomorrow are bluebells and tulips. The range was limited at the shop. Or quicker gardeners have already bought them all. At least i have broken my spring bulb duck, as long as they get planted...
My silver birch tree's leaves are turning yellow. The summer is drawing to a close, and Autumn is creeping upon us. I wander if there is a set date that summer ends and autumn begins?
More musings, and garden reports tomorrow.


HORIZON said...

I should really have planted my spring bulbs today but instead went to the beach- so enjoyed just lying there listening to the waves. Nice to visit your blog again snappy- keep well.

UKBob said...

snappy are you sure you don't add scent and taste attachments to your blog post cos I'm sure I can smell and taste freshly cooked cakes whenever I read your blog.I'm sure I'm putting on weight too!

Sigrun said...

Please - can I have the recipe of the short bread?


snappy said...

Horizon, thanks for the nice comments.Listening to the waves seems very nice.If i had a seaside garden I could enjoy both garden and the sounds of waves breaking.
I wish you could add scent to blogs, then you could smell the cakes.I need to put weight on..
Hi Sigrun, have emailed you the recipe.Hope you enjoy it.I love the taste of shortbread.Hope mr wonderful eats it too with coffee!

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Snappy, you're quite the talented guy--a cook, too! :) Can you email that recipe to me as well? Or just post it--I'm guessing a lot more people will want it, too. My boyfriend loves the Scottish shortbread that we sometimes find at import stores, so I'd love to be able to do a homemade version.

Can't wait to see more pictures of the revamped beds. Do you have a pyracantha in your garden? I put one in last year and am working on espaliering it against a wall. Its common name is firethorn, but don't let that put you off--it's no thornier than a lot of roses I have seen.

snappy said...

Hi Blackswamp girl I will email you the recipe.I have many talents, some yet to be discovered.I love the taste of Scottish shortbread,It is heavenly, and i love the tartan colour tins they usually come in.I am thinking about buying a pyracantha or two for the long border.I dont mind spikes!!