Thursday, October 05, 2006

The magnificent seven

Here in west Yorkshire it rained, and rained. I ventured out for a few pics in the cold rain.
I wanted to see what was flowering still in October.The list has dwindled to:
1) Lavender with its purplish blue flowers.It smells gorgeous.
2) Roses, a few buds remain on the orange tea, and rose sunshine.
3)Busy lizzie cajun great balls of fire
4) Anemones the red one has been splattered by the rain, the blue ones are still developing.They were suppossed to flower in June, and here we are with anemone de caen flowering in October,strange!
5) Erysimum, still continues with candle like yellow flowers, sparse compared to the masses of flowers during the summer.
6)Gladiolus, a few late plants have flower spikes on them.I would like more glads with brighter colours.I have had peach, lilac blue, and a dark crimson/purple flower so far.The slugs have eaten a fair few too..
7)Monarda Lambada..flowering away.I read its a perennial so it should come back next year.I guess i need to cut it when the flowers have all died.
The magnificent seven holding onto the last vestiges of summer. Their are shrubs of course dotted around the borders.The grass is having one last surge of growth before i cut it.I want more bulbs to naturalise in the grass.I want some bluebells around the birch tree.Then i will have an excuse not to cut it.
I still think this plant looks straight out of fraggle rock.The pink crab claw flowers look like a wierd kind of wig!


UKBob said...

You're right about the rain snappy, your rose is bright and cheerful though.

snappy said...

Thanks UK Bob, will take some Fuschia cuttings tomorrow for over wintering.I will use small plastic cups with water in them.Have to wait for geranium cuttings untill monday!

Anita said...

Oh Snappy, what a gorgeous monarda! Yes, it's a perennial, I will cut mine in spring next year, not before. Monardas still look beautiful in a winter garden.

Salix Tree said...

Hi Snappy! Been a while since I visited, I've been so busy with work. I was wondering if your monarda has any seeds developing? I would love to grow a fraggle flower myself!
I'll collect some viola seeds for you, there are more than enough all over my garden.