Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A link to San Fransisco Bay area

The orange tea rose, the one bloom that is perfect.

I wanted to link Jeanne's blog Uncle Toms Garden. She is the most inspiring blogger for growing herbs, veg, and flowers using the method by the namesake.


Her pictures show how well the method works for germinating seeds.

I will try it out en masse next year for the herbs, veg, and border plants...


Ziggywigs said...

Hi Snappy, Nice blog. Where the Busy Lizzie's difficult to grow from seed? I've a pack but haven't sown as i thought they could be difficult.


snappy said...

Ziggy,They are relatively easy to grow.My window sill plants were grown from seeds late.They germinated intermittantly from the soil.I have eight plants from fifteen seeds.thanks for dropping by.I liked your blog too..

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Absolutely gorgeous rose, Snappy. Congrats on getting the morning glories cleaned up and the 200 (wow!) bulbs planted, too. I bet that no matter where they ended up in the garden they'll give you a good show next spring. :)

snappy said...

Thanks Blackswamp girl,I hope they do too.Will post lots of pics.Will have a laptop with luck by then!!
The morning glories were very hard to take down off the archway.Next year I will have something lighter growing up it.