Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sigrun's german seeds

Arrived today, after her mr Wanderful posted them.Thank you so much Sigrun.The seeds are now planted.The hollyhocks in a six hole container, and the Aqualegia's in the ground by the kitchen window border.It will look beautiful next year i hope.She also sent a cute postcard of roses with orange balls (or oranges) which i will display later.Even the seeds were in pretty decorative envelopes.What a star you are Sigrun.I have your address so when things are better i will post you a suprise back...
We all need a bit of luck, and green fingers.The front window border looks okay this morning, a bit sparse but it still has plants surviving.The maples are happy in their new pots by the backdoor.I have the problem now too many pots to display on my small table...
It is hot 32 degree's centigrade (80ish in Fahrenheit) which is too hot for my poor delicate english cottage garden plants which are wilting as im writing.I will water later on when its cooler.The only plants that are growing are the tomato plants.We will see if they bear any fruit this year.I used an asda beef steak tomatoe for my seed supplier.I was amazed when they germinated after using uncle toms method.Success even when not expected is good.
This is an early post for me, about one pm.it is so hot outside that im inside now cooling down.
I will take a few photo's later.Someone commented i had shown my whole garden but this is not true.I guess its a lot of different impressions.It is big enough for me to have over fifty plant types growing.I photograph what is interesting, or colourful, or problem i need to share.
Which is better?macroshots of individual flowers, or wide shots showing their growing position?I like a mixture actually.I think both have beauty in them, but i feel a good mix means for a balanced blog.
Anyway more posts later.Thanks Sigrun, my german angel!what is german for Angel??

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