Monday, July 17, 2006

My moonscape

It was hot, damn hot...thirty one degree's with no wind to cool me down.I did emergency watering on my wilting specimins (if morning glories are tropical why does heat wilt them?).
We went to Kellys where i tidied up the existing rock garden weeding, sorting the stones out into colours.Trimmed the dead fir tree branches off then water the garden.What is the bonsai minuturised tree in the middle?Any suggestions?
The plant near the back had big sticky leaves that smelt a combination of apple/tomato plant?I think it is a flowering plant bu dont know what yet...
My own garden looks green in places.The front window border had totally dried out.I made a decision to repot my japenese maples which were not fully displayed in the moon like dry soil and rocks.That leaves some leggy oxalis, three evening primroses, snapdragons that had wilted, and some strap leafed summer bulbs, cant remember which..
The before shot is just that.I dont know what to put in there.My initial thoughts tonight were that it needs deep digging with plenty of organic matter.The water/nutrient holding capacity would be improved.I think a layer of bark chippings would help retain moisture.
I have no plants and no money to buy any more untill payday.I will plan in my head untill i can get some new plants.
Steven said how green and lush the borders look.They have had compost dug in, and mulch layers every year.The soil only drys on the surface.
The front window gets the sun from 5am untill about 1pm, so a lot of heat.Its east facing the border.The back garden is west facing and gets sun from around 2pm untill sunset.
Today was my first annual leave day, hurray, thirteen more to go.Its like being at school, with the joy of holidays.Lie ins, gardening, watering, photo's, studying my course, playing the violin, doing seeds, taking cuttings, browsing seed and plant catalogues.
Walking to Kellys we walked past a garden that has black flowers.I will get the name and find a picture.I love them!!
Thanks to all for daily comments.The page loads on statcounter go up.Over 8,200 now in 18 months.Im glad that gardeners found their way to voice their opinions, stories and photo's on the internet, and that the whole experience has been made more easy to share.Instead of your friends and family members now your audience can be international.
Looking through many garden gates at beautiful and unusual plants and flowers.Different tastes, and opinions about what is good...
And inspiration for me in filling my moonscape front window border, what difference months make between being really lush to dried out and dusty.Ah the joys of gardening.I love it!!


Karen said...

I just read that N. America has a continental heat wave right now. Seems like you've got a heat wave too.

Is that 31 degrees (which is in the 80s on the Fahrenheit scale) in the sun or shade? We've been hitting around 35 degrees in the shade, according to the meteorologist. (He recommended carrying an umbrella to keep the sun off. Kind of ironic, really.)

snappy said...

That is 31 degree's centigrade in the sun.It is too hot for me, and forecast for 32 degrees C today.It is a heat wave and a half..