Saturday, July 01, 2006

The heat today

...completely keeled over some of my garden plants.I lost all the red anemones, the trellis morning glories wilted, and the green pot was decimated.I was at work and the heat today was fierce.I have tried some emergency watering to revive.I will look tomorrow at the damage properly after my early shift.
England lost their world cup quarter final today on penalties too.A bad day for my garden, and for the football team.
There is always tomorrow however.I will take stock of the damage and work out which plants need removing etc.
Life goes on even for the garden.The elements disrupt our carefully worked out plans.How to minimise the damage is the ultimate plan.
More plants so massed together?Bark chippings to mulch the roots?It was thirty one degrees C today.Most unlike british weather.
My plants must be so delicate that searing heat knocks their leafs and stems sideways.The night time air is cooler slightly, and brings some relief.more tomorrow...


Sigrun said...

We also have a great heat in Germany. I water once time the day all my pots. But only some parts of boarders.


steven said...

Too bad about the footy, but your plants, well that's a tragedy. You know, wilting is a defense mechanism on the part of the plant, and it's tempting to water them in the heat of the day to revive them, but that just puffs the leaves back up to the worst of the heat. Whenever it gets really hot, I take to watering in the cool of the evening and I never water anything past about 10:00 AM.

I hope things recover.

MariaJ said...

Oh I know the feeling! Here it was 26 degrees and all the plants are screaming water...I have a hard job watering them all and the weather will stay like this for a while...besides it's too hot to do any gardening. Well, have to enjoy my holiday though..haa.

snappy said...

I did my emergency watering in the cooler evening just as the light was fading.It was just as hot today.All the plants recovered though overnight.The only permenent damage was the anemone flowers which dropped off!
Pots neeed watering daily as they can cook and totally dry out.Sigrun you have a lot of pots so thats a lot of watering.
Steven i do try to water in an evening but not everyday.I read that overwatering makes weak plants with poor rooting systems.Whereas liberal watering makes better root systems and sturdier plants.I must like delicate plants, or need to learn better techniques to manage extreme conditions.
Maria Enjoy your holiday.When i finished today work i fell asleep.It was too hot to garden, just chill untill it was cooler!!