Friday, July 14, 2006

Busy lizzies for oldroses Posted by Picasa


OldRoses said...

Ooooooh! Thank you. Do we have the same color? Yours have so many more flowers than mine. What's your secret?

snappy said...

That plant grew in my windowsill from the small plant i bought from homebase.It enlarged in size and filled a five inch pot before i planted it out.I find if they are small when planted they do not do too well in yorkshire clay soil.
Good news old roses i have six seedling busy lizzies grown from seed, ready to be potted up and brought indoors to my windowsill.
I want to look tomorrow for some new guinea impatients to buy.
How can you not love this free flowering, simple to grow plant, that oozes happiness?My prozac plant that i have grown every year for five years nearly..