Sunday, July 09, 2006

Blessed Sundays

I've enjoyed my second day off.Not much gardening, not much of anything.Just cleaning the kitchen listening to Schubert on Classic Fm.My fav chilling music station on the radio.Grandad's old radio used to sit on the fridge by the backdoor.Watching the small back yard with gnomes and succulent alpine plants, watching goods trains roll by.Grandad sat in the chair against the wall, drinking tea, maybe smoking his pipe with the delicious tobacco smell.Somedays i smell that around the house, especially when im stressed.
I took a few pictures.July days are good to enjoy the labours of your garden work.Watch the honey bee's, listen to the wind rustling the tree's and hedges.Smell the roses which are so divine.My roses are called sunshine (the orange/yellow one's), and frosty morning which is whitish but i have not seen a bloom yet.The bud has strange red colours to it, pink even.So we will see.
I discovered my foxgloves are perennials, meaning after flowering i can cut them down to two inch stems and they will grow again.Yippee, not biennials like i thought they were.
I have spent time reading peoples blogs for ideas, inspiration, and for the madness of looking at someone elses garden which we must all do when we travel, or visit.
I baked more fairy cakes yesterday, all inspired by Britt who's blog oozes serenity.( She enjoys simple pleasures, and takes gorgeous photos to illustrate her texts.I have her recipie for rhubarb cakes.
I think gardening and food sometimes collide.Some people write seperate blogs, others write about their garden produce and what they do to it.Recipies made with garden grown ingredients.
The original cottage garden was not just ornamental, but working garden to supply the owners with herbs and vegetables.Before the advent of supermarkets.
I can buy tomatoes and basil but it would be so much nicer to grow an organic product in my own soil.Nurture it, then eat it.
My future plans will revolve around the cottage garden, mixing vegetables and herbs and fruit tree's etc between decorative plants.I want a path full of chamomile so i can make fresh tea from the plants that are growing by the backdoor.
I work more weekends than im off, so thats why it is blessed.keep on growing your gardens.


Christa said...

I definitely recommend growing chamomile. The little bit that I grew in my garden this year not only made a good tea, but I also enjoyed the wonderful fragrance when I could smell it in the garden. Just sitting by the flowers when they were in full bloom... it smelled like a cup of tea. So enjoyable.

crazygramma said...

I have sage and lavender planted in different areas of my gardens and I really enjoy the scents when I am weeding or just strolling around. I'm not familar with the scent of chamimile but mayde next summer I will look for some.

snappy said...

Thanks Christa,I want that chamomile to line the path edges and to supply me with tea.
Crazygramma i have lavender and rosemary which again make great lining plants to walk past.I rub the plants too and inhale (unlike Bill Clinton).Lavender relaxes me, and rosemary is quite invigorating.What other plants have an effect on you from smell alone?