Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sunday Afternoon

Its a quarter to three in the afternoon and it is still raining.The garden is damp, the grass uncuttable.I took a few pictures.Where is the sunshine gone?I cant believe it was sunny for six days as I worked and when im finally off it rains!!
The borders are filling out, the bulbs are pushing up new leaves.Remind me to stake the gladiolus and the front window bulbs as they keeled over last year.
The morning glories are expectantly waiting to be planted around the arch ready to scale its sleek seven foot two curves.
The sunflowers are homeless as I dont know where to plant them, but they need planting too soon.My window seedlings are ready to be transplanted.I want big pots full of evening primroses ready for evening scents by the back door.
I will read gardening books and magasine today and dream of sunny weather soon.

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