Sunday, May 14, 2006

Night post

Im back again for a late saturday/early sunday morning post.I wrote about doing Robs weeding earllier.My family/community spirit was overflowing the cup and I thought I could help him as he has a week old baby, a one year old, a mad house full of people, and uni course to keep him away from the garden.When i look at the photos I dont know if it is Robs Garden or his mums.She has green fingers and supplied most of the plants as a wedding present.
Primulas, pansys, violas, clematis, rose bushes, geraniums, honeysuckle, etc.It reads like an old english garden plant list.It has the borders, a nightmare patch of grass which is dry as the sahara in the summer and wet like a marsh today.
Some kids chucked in two council tree's dogwoods which are growing beautifully.The willow i mention is a bamboo (I joked all he needed now was a Panda bear!!).He bought the bulbs, smaller tree's, and Asiatic lillys.
I guess we all take something away from our familys gardens, with reference to tastes, plants, design.I am so protective over the garden.It has been my project for the two years we have been living here.When the boys helped I stood watching, talking about avoid cutting that.
I could not bare someone else bringing masses of plants and saying put them there.That would stop it being my garden.
I think Gardening can bring communities together, working on derelict areas for example.You should have your own personel space too for being creative.
Im tired now from the weeding in the rain.I read a cool german blog today

Her friends garden is enormous, and she is opening it soon to the public!Could i cope with hordes of people gawping at my garden?Making comments about it?Trampling my neat borders?I dont now.Her garden is beautiful but must take some effort to maintain it.

My posts can be commented on, and as long as its not pornographic (I have had a lot of them spammers) anything goes and i will publish it.
Thats Amy Stewart saying allow comments to let debates go on, and to make the garden bloggers an online community

If im not posting or gardening outside I'm reading other peoples and looking at their photos of gardens, flowers, animals, gnomes, etc.

I need to make a proper links thingy down side of page.Here's a few more links to my Fav Blogs:
Claire I love your writing, you make me laugh and you are as passionate about gardening as me.I want to visit Alameda when i work out where it is!
Uncle Toms garden is cool as well for a kind of good life feel (Thats a sitcom from the 1970's about a couple who decide to live off the land growing all their own food in a garden, and their posh neighbours.) :
Thats enough links for today.I have about thirty blogs in my Favourites box which I read daily to see whats been growing.Will link cool pics and make that list soon.
I am waiting for through the post: 1) two new solar lights a gnome with a violin, and a fairy one

2)A book from Amazon about three hundred heirloom plants
Hope they come soon.I did take photos of my garden today but thought will post tomorrow morning.Good night blogosphere, may your gardens keep growing.


Sigrun said...

Good morning, Snappy from Yorkshire. Thank you for your comment at my blog.
You ask for pictures from my garden? I show allways some and I have a homepage -

My garden is smaller than Anjas garden.
I like Yorkshire very much,last time I have been in York in May 2005 with a friend.

Good luck with your garden and your glowing fingers!

Sigrun from Germany

Claire Splan said...

Thanks for your kind comments. Your blog is on my regular reading list too!