Thursday, May 04, 2006

Present to me..

Sallyanne went shopping today for a new striplight for the kitchen, whilst she was at b&Q she bought me a flymo hover mower.Today i had two eager helpers to cut the grass and strim.It is a red grass cutter with neat grass collection box, three blade heights.
Instead of my usual catnap i mowed the grass, got my hanging basket braacket attached to the wall.I planted two trailing bush fuschias and three white petunias which also trail.
I have got a replacement camera lead (thanks Sarah) so photos to follow.I finally have two days off from work.Order of the days is gardening just to get outside, and playing my violin as i have been shattered after a long stretch at the hospital.
My nasturtium seeds have grown in the pot and in the long border.I was very ecstatic to see growth had appeared in my abscence.
The funny thing about the hanging basket is we all keep walking into it!I need to put our green wheely bin beneath it to make people go around untill they realise its there!!
I moved my kitchen table nursery outside onto our old coffee table.The morning glories are now growing with a stick support beside each plant.Tomorrow i will construct the arch and put the wooden trellis up.The sunflowers are slow growers now after a quick burst.
The may garden is full of vigour, bouts of plants growing, leaves unfurling, and flower buds forming.Pictured are a variety of shots of this mad, slow process of development.
I have been speaking to a lady at work who has a small garden but god is it productive.She grows apples, strawberries, blackberries,gooseberrys, rhubarb, tomatoes etc etc.
I have been reading research about apple tree's, blackberry bushes (I think we already have one in the garden hedge.I need to get photos so i can identify if it is a blackberry bush.It grew blackberries last year but they were quite bitter).
Angela will give me some strawberry cuttings when they put runners out in September.Watch this space.
I saw my gardens first daisy today.Its been dandelion heaven but they have been mowed into submission but the white faced yellow centred daisys were spared a guillotine ending!!
More post tomorrow.Some photos to follow at last (Hurray for new camera lead!!!!!!!!!)

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Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Just found your blog. A fellow mad gardener outside of Chicago. Just dug and created a potager...should be beautiful once everything is planted but waiting for any chance of frost to be over. I will check back for photos.