Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Photo cable lost...

Alas one of our recent guests who stayed with us has nicked the phone cable that i put the photos on the laptop.I can take lots and hopefully will be photo'd up soon.Its words and google images only for moment.A technical blip.
I have been working lots so i have only looked briefly between sleeps at whats growing.The grass obviously needs a cut again, my neat trimmed border edges have sprung up.
From the front window border the geranium, snapdragons, and japanese maples are thriving well.Some summer bulbs are sticking nice green leaves through soil.I need to check what they are because i have forgotten.There are gladiolus at the back in the long border (ten bulbs i replanted but several may be left in last years positions).
The square border has one gorgeous wall flower, the second plant has flowered, dyed down to a measly few leaves and dropped the rest.The violas remain flowering and spreading gracefully.The hostas are hoisting there green leafs up slowly and so far there has been no slug attack!!
The coalshed border has one flowering Erysimum and summer pansy's but they are not thriving.The rose bushes have gorgeous new leaves.The reddish ones have done well for new growth.The white middle bush has a few leaves and new growth but not as spectacular.
The back garden is doing well.The design with the logroll at the front and fence at the back reduces the wind effect.Snapdragons look stronger, The erysimums are not growing really well yet.The forget me nots are now they have survived the springs initial slug attack.I have not put any more pellets down.
As mentioned the gladiolus from last year and several of the summer bulbs are rising up but need to see if they flower before i can identify them!
The quince tree has about twelve white flowers on it, still waiting for the fruit to develop.
Beneath the kitchen window the foxgloves look foxglovish with gorgeous starry crowns and developing upward spikey leafs.My carnation are not putting stems skywards too.
I am hopeful that last years dutch iris will reflower soon.They did quite early last year.
In the seed stakes a few nasturtium have germinated just in the pot by the back door.I brought the seed tray in because it needs watering frequently.Small surface area!!
The evening primrose have germinated en mass.I will repot them when they are bigger and put them in pots for the gorgeous nighttime smell of the yellow flowers.
The MON LAM have germinated but i still cant recognise the seedlings species.Amazingly there is one Salvia Blaze that has germinated.I bought a £2 pack last year with mini greenhouse.Not one single SEED germinated.I put them in soil this year on a whim to see if a year would make a difference.
Thats a word update.Im lost without my photos.....

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