Monday, January 14, 2013

Snappy Returns

 It has been a good few months since I did a blog post.The wetness of 2012 exhausted my creative garden juices and I took a little blog break.I have blogged for about nine years now I think.I enjoyed Xmas and new year.I have started to get the gardening bug back.The first snow of 2013 has fallen overnight and is falling down now.The birds have been all over the garden today feeding between snow flakes.
 The tall feeder looks blurry behind the snow flakes.I love snow,but I think this will be a few day flurry before it moves away.
 The winter always brings in new birds to the garden.this cheeky Chaffinch has been in the garden feeding every day.He is always alone though.maybe he will bring his family when he has them.We saw a Song Thrush yesterday feeding in the garden.The first one I have ever seen here.I was excited,they are very noble looking birds with beautiful chest speckling.
The old friends the winter Primulas have burst into flower.The white petals and yellow eyes are the only flowers in the garden.I need to get out and start clearing the debris up ready for the Spring.The Daffodils are already growing from the frozen ground.
 I got a leaflet from the Spring Flower Show in Harrogate.That is on the 23rd April 2013.We needed a cold spell to kick start the garden.Its part of the cycle of seasons here to have a cold spell.
  I spent yesterday and today poring over seed catalogues.From Marshall's,Thompson Morgan,and Mr Fothergills.There was too much choice really.
 I will grow Grapes,Tomatoes,and Chillies in the greenhouse.The Allotment will see me move away from traditional crops, and mixing them with new trendy foods.I have ordered small amounts of heirloom Potatoes to grow just for eating.The raised beds and covered paths will hopefully make it easier to maintain the over grown plot.I just need to finish clearing it up.2012 was a year of Royal Celebrations,and Sporting Success, but was detrimental to the allotment and garden.2013 will be an outdoorsy year for me,away from the TV!
  I have also ordered today more Strawberries.The French Mara De Bois which I think Michael Roux Junior said were his favourites.They are a cross between wild Strawberries and the plump English Ones.
  I'm hoping that my Fruit Trees will be productive this year.I want a Bramley Apple or two, and some Pears.I do not know if the Cherry Tree will be under attack again from black aphids and ants.It looks very distorted where it grew.
   I want to go to New Zealand this year to see my Sister,and Nephew.I bet I can find some plants and flowers to blog about from there.
 The RHS flower shows and Great Yorkshire Show are some of my future blog posts too.Attracting wildlife will feature too this year.
 Here's to a productive 2013 for growing flowers,vegetables,fruit,and writing regular blog posts!


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back - snowing heavily in North London today - but I don't expect it to last long

L said...

Happy New Year and good gardening. I can't help getting excited when I see new growth in the garden. Each year I vow to have a garden worth opening to the public and each year I fall well short of my target, but I enjoy the process and that's what matters.

Gary said...

Welcome back Snappy! Looking forward to this years posts, particularly the RHS one.

Sallysmom said...

Good to see you back.

Anonymous said...

welcome back snappy you was sadly missed. look forward to more of your post. heppy new year.

Gee Magpie said...

Hey Bro'! There's many flowers & plants and flora & fauna to keep you happy during your visit. And a cheeky chappy can't wait to meet you! Xxxx

Gee Magpie said...

NOt sure if this is a duplicate or if I have to type it again! There's lots of flora & Fauna for you to blog about. And a cheeky chappy who can't wait to meet you and hear first hand about LUFC! He keeps pointing to his wall plaque and waiting for me to say that it goes with Lucas the Leopard :) xxx