Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fragrant Flowers And Strawberries

 The Honeysuckle in our garden has finally started to flower.the small delicate flowers have had bees buzzing around them already.they smell divine.It has taken two growing seasons and the plants now cover the trellis they are growing up.
 Another fragrant flower growing in the front garden hedge is this lovely pink and yellow Snapdragon.I wander if the birds have dropped the seed and it has sprouted in the thinnest amount of soil.
 Wimbledon started yesterday and we had our first Strawberries of the year.Small,juicy,and sweet.The plants are looking very healthy and laden with flower buds.The netting is protecting them from the birds,but not from the ravages of slugs!it has been very wet so they love the raised bed.
The Roses Moliniuex are flowering away now and smell great too.An old tea/rose kind of scent.The flowers have a beautiful deep yellow colour,with many petals.We need to buy another one in the winter to plant where one had died.
 I love walking around the garden and inhaling the scents from all the different flowers.It makes the garden very a sensuous place with the visual and the scents.

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