Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Work and Rain

Our recent deluge of continuous rain continued. Typically as I worked an early shift it was dry and intermittantly sunny. When i finished at half past two it was cloudy and heading for rain. I fell asleep instead of mowing the grass. It still is not cut.
I woke up and quickly took a few pics.I want to say thanks to Carol ( http://carolsgarden.blogspot.com/) for identifying a violet, peony, and the Thrift. Mystery plants in Robs Garden, and that my mysterious Mon Lam seeds are pansys (maybe i think viola). They are growing nicely in the window sill so i can watch the plants develop from the first paired leaves of now.
My fav place is still the front window border. Its funny why some planting arrangements hold you others do nothing with you. I used intuition and arranging them on the soil to visually see the elelments before replanting it.
The May borders are developing colours with yellows, reds, pale blues.Green leaves and stems, summer bulbs, and germinating seeds. Its like a pot begginning to simmer, with bubbles rising to the surface. A pre boiling stage before the dizzy heat of summer.

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Claire Splan said...

I sympathize with your weather frustration. I was walking the walls when it was raining so much here in March and April. You can't fight it. And I can't imagine how farmers manage to not go nuts with all the surprises that weather can deliver. Might as well use the time to plan and dream about gardening!