Sunday, April 02, 2006

Springtime (at last)

Spring may finally have sprung.The sleepy daffodils have decided that it is warm enough to show themselves.Weeks later than normal.Because it had been so cold they had not flowered anywhere.Feel sorry for the annual daffodil show in Stratford because there were no daffodils to show due to the late spring.
I went out in the dark last night looking at the garden at what remained from the wind and frost and snow and rain.It is a canvas now, with only the barest marks made on it.
The grass is thick and in need of cutting, every time i think about it the heavens open and it pours with rain.
The winter has killed many of last years mainstays.The casualty list is all the geraniums, the bush fuschias, the woody lavenders from homebase.A silver dollar hosta.
So when i say bare canvas i mean it.
Finally took some photos on mobile phone and have downloaded them to laptop.I will try to blog more regular.Its funny how winter and life rob you of the time and energy, but the arrival of spring gives you more energy, reawakens dreams of the perfect garden, and the impulsiveness to put shoes on and venture outdoors from the warmth and comfort of the house.
The most glorious site for me is the yellow flowered Forsythia, the brown branches dripping yellow flower buds.For me its a spring flowering shrub that always conjures up memories of my mums garden.It is a willowy looking shrub and the branches seem to drip liquid sunshine.
An antidote to the winters bleak skys and the decorative shrubs look drab besides the golden splendour.
The break has invigorated my writing style, and have plans for new garden design.I am an artist with green fingers and boundless optimism.The mistakes of last year have been thought about, analysed, and alternative solutions thought of.
May all your gardens grow well and bring you the inspiration and happiness that only gardeners can know....

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