Sunday, April 02, 2006

Garden shots (my canvas brush strokes)

The kitchen window border with the euonymus green n gold, and the lovely forsythia blooming in the corner by the fence.The foxglove is just beneath it.The middle shrub behind the globe light is pieris fire mountain.The green line to the left of the forsythia is some over wintered carnation plants.
The back garden with luscious green grass and weeds.The silvery dusty millers are looking woody and lopsided like drunken sailors on shore leave.Im not sure if they will stay in place this year or whether they have a move to my compost bin.
Unknown geranium received free from the porter at work.It had gorgeous little pink flowers and should spread.It is nestled in a corner and seems to be growing quite well over winter.
The last Lavender standing after my winter pruning, but you can see the light green of new growth. It is quite compact now to keep it from going woody.Its two woody relations succumbed to the winter cold and frost.
The Camelia with flower buds.They have over wintered well with their shiny green leaves and buds like neat packages from the post office.Slightly opened to show a pink petal.

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