Monday, March 05, 2012

Snappys Birthday

Its my Birthday today.I am 39 years old.Cat thinks I'm like Peter Pan, the everlasting child.I got some cards today and a food processor from Cat.I love baking cakes and now they should be extra light and tasty.The machine also has a slicer,a blender,and juicer attachment.Once I have grown lots of veg I can make soups and blend them..
The last few days have been quite warm with some sunshine.The consequence of this is the hibernating Ladybirds have woken up.They were all over the front garden near where the decking is and all over my Lupins.They must overwinter under the dry wood.
The Lupins have started to regrow from the base.They were spectacular purple spires last year,and should be more vigerous this year.The ladybird was sleeping in the centre of the Lupin leaves like a red tear drop.
I think the contrast between the leaves and the ladybird made some good spring photos.The low Sun illuminates the garden and highlights the colours.Green for me is the colour of grass,gardens,and regrowth.Fresh new leaves herald the start of the growing season again,and that natures cycle is revving up.
I will be going out soon to Nandos for a spicy Chicken Dinner with Piri Piri sauce,followed by watching Whitechapel on TV.Then an early night before two long days at the hospital..


Anonymous said...

happy b day and bon apetit :)

L said...

Many Happy Returns

Mark and Gaz said...

Happy Birthday!