Sunday, July 02, 2006

God moving his furniture what i used to think thunderstorms were.After the heat of two days it clouded up, rained heavily, and there was thunder and lighning.I watched from the kitchen window and back door.I love the primordial power of a thunderstorm.I can imagine my ancient ancestors being fearful of the lightning, then rumble and crash.I have stood on shaking earth before where the thunderclap makes the ground tremble.
My first memory i have is of being in Brandenburg in Germany during the wildest electrical storm.Wind, dust clouds, and fork lightning.I fell off the first floor balcony watching the storm.
Ever since i have loved them.Sallyanne hid on the sofa with the TV turned up loud.I watched in the kitchen as the horizon intermittantly glowed white hot.It was sheet lightning today though.
Sallyanne watered the garden earlier after the dry heat had wilted my plants.Steven said it was a plant mechanism for coping with the heat.I water in the evening or early in the morning, never during the heat.
It has been hot in Germany and Finland, so the cooking conditions are all across northern europe.I replied to all comments today so if you have left one i have replied!!
I posted a pic of my fav plant the Dahlia.Its shape, structure and leafs are just pleasing to my eyes and its not even flowered!!
Will google in a minute about Dahlias.I think there is a south american connection, i keep thinking of Aztecs and Inca's.The council has displayed some Dahlia unwins mixed in a public display.The multi coloured display is hideous.One or two colours, but these are every colour in the rainbow.The flowers remind me of the sun, the classical iconic symbol of smiling face with many triangles radiating from the centre.
Am i going mad?I have not read yet anything but feel a connection between the Aztecs and Dahlias.
The watering yesterday revived all the casualties barr the anemone flowers.The morning glory has regained its nice waterfall leaf display rushing down the trellis.I want to buy more tomorrow so they can continue the ascent.They have reached five foot i guess.
The arched morning glories have been swinging tendrils in the air to catch onto the vertical support as i have not placed any string.Plants amaze me with their capacity to work out where the support is and that hanging onto it means more growth upwards.
On both sides the plants have found the metal poles.I hope the display will be as impressive as the ingenuity of the morning glories leafs and stems.
Its still humid tonight even after the ionising thunderstorm.I loved the display of nature,Keep growing wherever you are, whatever your weather!


Blackswamp_Girl said...

Interesting about the dahlias... let us know what google tells you about an Aztec or Incan connection, please!

My first memory of thunderstorms involves watching them from our sheltered front porch with my Mom. We'd make glasses of iced tea, watch the storm... sometimes in silence, sometime chatting about various things. Some of my best sleep is to thunderstorms... :)

snappy said...

you must be a very deep sleeper, although i have been known to sleep through bad storms.