Sunday, July 02, 2006

Aztecs and Dahlia's

Glory Daze (from Aztecdahlias catalogue)
Moonlight sonata (From AztecDahlias catalogue)
Chat Noir (from Aztecdahlia catalogue)
Aztec gold (from Aztecdahlias)
My first google hit was Aztec Dahlias.the website was :
National flower of mexico, and city flower of San Fransisco.The Conquistadores brought them back to the old world, where they have been developed ever since.It says after 200 years there are over 50,000 named varieties, and i have one growing in a pot.
I think the flowers are very sun like in their shape.I lifted some pics from their online catalogue.They are so beautiful, i want some more of them!!
Lets hope my pot grown Dahlia is as scrumptous as the ones displayed above.Their were loads in their catalogue.I hope the UK has a similar supplier or i will have to go to USA,California!!


Claire Splan said...

Thanks for the great pictures. These are all gorgeous. I hope to find a good spot for a dahlia in my yard someday.

Sigrun said...

Snappy, you have a new camara! Wonderful dahlia-photos.


Karen said...

Although Aztec Gold is very showy, I think I like Chat Noir best from the photos you have posted. Do you know which kind you have? I like the title of your previous post, by the way. Oh, and I am adding your blog to my sidebar now. I like what you've done with it here.

snappy said...

Thanks Claire,i hope my pot dahlia is as nice as the catalogue pics,
Sigrun they are pictures from the website.Im looking to buy a new digital camera to make my photos better, but am still using the phones digital camera.
Thanks Karen.Glad you have thunderstorm memories too.I enjoyed it while it lasted yesterday.