Tuesday, June 13, 2006

work and family

Worked again today so i never got to go out into Garden properly.I saw the foxglove flowers had dropped after the deluge of rain.Its humid still but rain in forecast.I took the seed pods for drying and to hopefully regrow some plants for next year.
My tomato plant experement with Uncle toms method has worked, all fourteen seeds have germinated.I need to individually pot them up now.Thanks Jeanne (http://uncletomsgarden.blogspot.com/ )
My self seeded sunflowers have nearly reached the top of the green sticks.I need to find a suitable place for them outside (maybe by kitchen window) to start their Ascent upwards.The smaller little leos have masses of leaf but not much stem.I have only grown normal sized sunflowers before so i dont know when they get 18" high.The stems are thickening though.
All the Snapdragons are white flowered.I could have made a moon garden with the petunias and snapdragons had i known.With some dusty miller it would have been perfect!!
My morning glories are finally starting some vertical growth near the arched border.I might tie string to the arch and make them climb the archway between metal posts.The trellis morning glory looks good, three quarters covered!
The grass is looking wild again and the border edges have sprouted up.I have three shifts left before two days off.Gardening days!!
A thought for Mat (stepson) who fell yesterday and sliced his thumb off from his hand.He is spending the second night in hospital following Surgery.I pray its a success because the option of failure is amputation.He had a skilled plastic surgeon and maybe they will let him home tomorrow.Spent a sleepless night last night worrying.Get better soon Mat!


steven said...

That's terrible about Mat, hope he's okay

Claire Splan said...

Hoping for the a quick recovery for your stepson!


MariaJ said...

Is it possible for you to get tomatoes this year? I have to start in March if I want some!