Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wednesday night

I took a few pics today of what was flowering.I repotted the tomato seedlings.I dont know how well if they will grow or whether they will overwinter.It was an experement, and someone pointed out they normally sow seeds in March!!
My fav flower is the Anemone de Caen,its red petals are like a bowl around the jewelled insides.Purple/blue sparkles.Absolutely gorgeous!Cant wait for the Mr Fokker blue anemones to flower.They are little gems!!
Mat left hospital today with a broadarm sling, antibiotics, and a plaster of paris around his hand.The surgery was a success.He had his thumb repaired, time will tell about the nerves within his hand.His girlfriend has driven back with him to Burnley, in Lancashire to recuperate.
The follies of youth, mellow with time i hope.
It was raining heavily today at times, but temperatures have cooled.The garden looks lush, reinvigorated by the june showers.
Two days of work left then time to cut the long grass!It grows so quick!!

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