Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday rest

Since I have worked the past ten out of eleven days today was a novelty being outside in the garden with no time constraints.I have just posted fifteen pics.I took seventy five so thats a good reduction.Im saving some for the post entitled flowers budding now.
I will post a pic on this one of a bird dropped plant seed.(on the left hand side now).
I dont know what it is.The seed was like a hazlenut with roots in it and green stems protuding from the top.Its in soil now on my kitchen windowsill.
I cut the front/side grass, just a trim really.I planted my four hedge cuttings in an attempt to grow some for the gap in the middle.Hardwood cuttings.I am experementing with which works.
I need some rosemary cuttings as they look quite woody.I think I overdid the winter trimming!It worked with the lavender, as it has regrown from the cuts and is bushy now with developing flower spikes.
The dusty miller needs cuttings.Does anyone know the best way to get cuttings to grow?Or divide the plant by the roots?In the autumn I might try that, splitting it from the roots and planting the seperate plants.
I want some leopards Bane because it is a beautiful name.Must link that to the blog where i saw it mentioned.
I took another seed tray of volunteer plants from the long border.There are thirty viola plants growing now ready to be planted in pots and containers when they are bigger.The excitement is working out what colours the flowers will be.Over two years i have had maybe five varietys of violas.
I wander if my viola cornuta will seed yellow flowers or revert back to their original colours?The purple ones were allegedly johnny jump up, but wild ones stay true to their colouring through successive generations. The ones i had reverted back to the violet/purple colour.
I found two dreadfull horsetail weeds in the long border. I cut them at the soil level and put them in the bin trying not to spread the spores across the garden!!
The slugs have been attacking my pansys, my morning glories, and some of the self seeded violas. I need to protect my delicate little leo sunflowers because the slugs will decimate them if they start chomping.
The big sunflowers (seeded in the arched border) are resting outside during the day, and will be brought in at night.Once they are bigger then the slugs wont reach the upper leafs!!
June is a magic time, there is so much growth, and things devlop faster.I will go out in a minute to have a plant count, dont know how many types i am growing.will post later world...


steven said...

Perhaps you should put out some saucers of Tetley's Bitter for the slugs?

snappy said...

Thanks Steven, made me smile.I will try it soon.The inner battle between organic and chemical gardener rages.Yorkshire slugs will love tetleys bitter.Watch this space as i try it out!