Friday, June 02, 2006

Sun has been shining

Today was an odd jobs day.I got up after my cat nap and went outside into the brilliant June sunshine.Not a spot of rain, light cool breeze.On my way back from work I saw many gardeners outside enjoying the nice weather.
I had no plan today.I watered my backdoor step pots, worked out my two mystery weeds are in fact sunflowers.They have grown really tall and leggy, with furry stems.I debated between tomato plant and sunflower.I will post pic, but they have been repotted (with superb root growth around bottom of little pots before they were repotted), and moved onto the kitchen window.
Its funny how i mention being broke limiting my plant buying to none, and the garden gives me new plants.
I dug up and moved fifteen or so violas that have self seeded.On the table pics the purple violas are the first ones I moved from the border.They are in a seedtray indoors waiting to suprise me with their flower colours.I could have taken about ten seed trays full!I never realised there were so many.Some I have left to flower in between the nasturtiums and anemones on the side fence of the long border.
I made a stick/string plant support structure around my gladiolus with the idea that if all ten grow within the confines of the structure they will stand upright.I may have to strengthen it with sticks between the vertical supports.For lone wolf Gladiolus I have put supporting sticks at 45 degree angle to the plant to try and use counterbalance to keep them upright.
Their are about sixteen gladiolus growing in the long border.Also many unmentionable summer bulbs have put up thin leafs but untill anything flowers I dont know which is which.
The dusty millers have flower buds forming, they were gorgeous with yellow blooms.I wander if you can dry the flowers for display?
The kitchen busy lizzie has moved outside to complement the two frost survivors.They are flowering Salmon the kitchen one Red.
I have noticed differences between my summer pansys.I love the colour differences between specimins of the same variety!Sorry if I keep showing them.
I have my first rose of 2006.The delicious smelling orange tea rose which is so sweet smelling even on my rusty leafed rose bush.
The new bushes are growing perfectly well but will flower much later.They have taken root comfortably in the theatre of dreams!!
Amy Stewart left a comment on the Euphorbia in flower pic.Thanks! I only thought she wrote the blog and books, not really commented on amateur gardeners!
I have been offered to Tina's daughter Tasha (see yesterdays post) to help redo her garden with new borders, and planting 400 bulbs. I thought of a memorial garden for her mum in some way. I will take pics when i do that.
Sallyanne went to her daughters today and tells me the garden parts that i weeded are looking beautiful.
I am becoming a cool amateur garden designer/renovator, and most of it will come from gardening blogs and the process of writing one daily. It hones your skills, and analyses what works etc.
I also filled the hole today with hedge clippings then covered it with board again.I hope the green stuff rots down and forms a sort of compost to backfill the hole that next doors dog dug from their side.My quince tree needs moving as the whole area is shifting as the wet soil collapses into the hole.I have ideas of a raised bed there like uncle toms garden in San Fransisco (
My front window snapdragons keeled over again in the afternoon heat.I watered them and the hanging basket.They are so delicate in heat, indestructable in the cold but limp in the first sunshine.I love them for their flowers (will they be scented some snaps are?), and the associations of my mum's garden, and reading about heirloom gardens.
Its been a great day really in the garden.Everything is growing, taking in the sunshine, and glowing bright.The slow build up of may seems to speed up in sunny June days.The expectations of summer are great.

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