Sunday, June 04, 2006

Some other people's...

Garden blogs that i have read today.The first has lovely lavender munstead (i tried and failed to grow it from seed), and the cutest baby veg growing in Angelas garden.


I finally have posted on it, but its temperemental.I love her garden and the planted chair.Go through the archives their to see it.Its magic!!
Claire in Alameda has visited a garden of Succulents/Cactus (The Ruth Bancroft garden), and taken the most amazing photos of the plants in a natural environement.I said most of the plants in the UK are planted and sold in individual pots and sit on windowsills.They survive on neglect so thats why many people have them in a state of suspended animation:
Christa has been making chive flower vinegar for salads as an experement.The pink coloured vinegar looks so cool.The salad she used for the taste test was good enough to eat, very pretty:
Kerri has posted some lilac tree pictures so vivid you wish you could get smell over the internet.Mine is growing nice leafs but flowers grow on this years growth next year.Alas i will have to wait to see and smell the flowers.Here is the link:
Roy has come up with some inventive pot's for his Bromeliads and cordylines.The frog garden is cool to the previous post.Its amazing what people can grow in their backyards, when here they are exotic plants for greenhouses or conservatories.The yorkshire weather would kill them outside when the temperature drops or weather gets wild:
Tracey F has got garden amnesia, as someone who cant remember what summer bulbs i planted in the front window border I totally relate to this.It is some kind of pink bearded iris.Bet some clever clogs will identify it!!:
The pictures are amazing for this Knitagarden post with Clematis, the wanderful leopards bane, and so on:
Thats enough links.Im exhausted from reading them and clicking to get the link.The gardens all over the world are blooming, bringing joy and happiness to the gardeners.Im so glad people have used the internet to connect with kindred green fingered spirits, in the spirit of community and knowledge sharing.

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