Sunday, June 04, 2006

Plant count

I went around the garden writing down what was growing, each seperate plant species.There were fifty, i never knew i had so many plants growing.The list is far too long to write but im glad there has been such diversity brought into the garden by me.
I have look at pics from Febuary 2005, and compared them to todays.Its crazy the difference a year and three months make.Good night world, keep on growing.


Claire Splan said...

You really have done a lot in a short time. It is rewarding, isn't it, to check the Before and After views? Doesn't it make you wonder what it will look like in another year, in five years, and so on?

snappy said...

I do wander.If im still living here or whether i will be in cornwall in the farmhouse cottage!Apparently gardens last about fifteen years before they need revamping!Im just enjoying the transformation.I could not believe the fifty types of plants, but they are all picked by me as there were none to start.It was a blank canvas with only the hard lines of the house,path and neighbours fences.