Thursday, June 01, 2006

Day off

It was a strange non gardening day as we went to a family funeral in Leeds.Sitting in St Teresa's catholic church, and then going up to Seacroft Cemetary.Believe it or not the graveyards were full of flowers, and neatly trimmed gravestones.
I came home later with Sallyanne, and fell asleep.I took a few photo's of the garden and a beautiful sunset.Like Alice's gardening blog with a love of sunsets/sunrises:
Tracey F has posted some great lavender pics, and some rose buds.I guess Ontario gardens are close to the Yorkshire ones:
Some beautiful Aqualegia pics in context (I agree that arty pictures of flowers are nice, but i like them in context with other plants and structures.To see them in the garden whole)
A post about the friendship plant.I have to divide my hostas which i can bring down to Kent when i actually have some money.ha ha, sorry Jaws!
Lynne has a hosta horror story.Do you have any horror stories of garden damage caused by visitors, children, dogs, small animals or bears?
Thats enough links for now.More pics to follow then back to work for me.Its June, Summer is nearly here.

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