Saturday, May 06, 2006


I spent most of the day outside in the garden doing small jobs, breaking my strimmer and cutting my leg, trying to revive collapsed lilac tree after the sun shone so bright it keeled plants over.
English weather is unpredictable, rainy , cloudy, or boiling hot.The plants were not used to the heat and wilted.My top soil dried out totally like the sahara desert.I picked it up and let it fall through my fingers into the wind.
The lilac tree had a wheely bin/box shadow to keep it cool this afternoon.I made the metal seven foot two arch way as shown in pictures.The morning glory sunrise serenade will climb up it two ways and meet in the middle.The other plants will nestle between the supports like a living theatre, morning glory curtains and theatre.The soil the stage.The plants and flowers the actors in the annual garden bonanza!
I must mention the oxalis seedling which has sprung up with flower buds already in place.I have never seen a seedling like it.
Most of the pics are self explanatory.I found that my jagged bramble in the hedge is a blackberry bush.I dont know how it ended up there.From birds eating a fruit or whether someone thought it would be good through there.Or maybe its a natural inhabitant of the hillside.They used to be common in British hedgerows and railway sidings.Now you have to cultivate them if you want to get those gorgeously sweet berrys!
I put so many pics on yesterday because i missed posting.If there is nothing exciting i wont tae pics except for heres what it looks like now.
My garden is a work in progress, the outcomes are uncertain due to the vagaries of the british weather, the appietite of the slugs and snails, and the energy left when i finish work.Family members can damage the garden, random visitors can too.
At least with the new lawn mower i will be happy to cut it.Just need a new strimmer.My garden edges proved too tough and shattered the grey cassette that held the wires.
There was blood and sweat today in the hot sun.I have tanned face and neck, from peering down to the ground.keep on growing....

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Claire Splan said...

Oxalis? Is this a good plant? In these parts, oxalis is a dirty word--the most pernicious weed we have. Please post a picture if you can!