Sunday, May 07, 2006

My garden today

There is not much to write except it rained all day, after a few days of hot sunshine.My outside nursery got soaked.I worried in bed last night as i heard the rain bouncing off the roof and hedgerow.Will my morning glories be okay?They are so delicate at the moment as i found out tieing them to sticks.I decapitated several growing buds.Ooops, at least they will thicken their stems and develop a good root system.
They looked okay when I checked on them.I then worried whether it would be frosty tonight.I now have the BBC weather page as a internet Fav to see Castleford weather.9 degrees C tonight, then forecast for sunshine next four days.
I will redesign my moon garden after finding Beverlys pictures (IN MY BACKYARD)

I read about them before and got a plant shortlist but lost that.Its inspiration seeing someone else do it and it looks fabulous.I kept saying to Sallyanne oooh look at that.She just nodded and went back to poker.
I am back on early tomorrow so i will go around and do a whats growing today post with photos.I love the looking and trying to capture the delight of things growing.There is magic within the clay,wet soil and i hope i capture the happiness of a growing garden with all the ups and downs.
I wander if i should rename the blog?The title gardens blog was a decision written a year ago when i first found blogging.I could do a nursing blog, a violin playing blog, a family blog but the only one thats lasted is the gardens blog.Snappycrocs garden?
That is Sallyannes nickname for me by the way.I spoke to my sister today.She is moving from London to Kent, Rochester.I have promised i will come down when she has settled to design and make her garden beautiful.It is just small amount of grass and concrete now.
She is taking a lavender plant I bought her a year ago, and some Rosemary which i told her how to take a cutting from her enormous eight foot plant.It has collapsed it was so heavy and woody.My rosemary is small and stick like in comparison.
Im off to bed now to read my book about gardening an english passion!Want to read Claires reviews of five garden books from a sale:

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